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Q&A: Restaurant critic Brad A. Johnson gives us the recipe for success

If we’re being honest, it seems like Brad A. Johnson is living our dream life: he’s a food critic and photographer who gets paid to travel and dine out, he’s won a prestigious James Beard Award—one of the culinary world’s highest honors—and, perhaps most enviously, he recently participated as one half of a two-person team that tackled the arduous task of reviewing every single restaurant in Disneyland. But while the...

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Q&A: Markey Culver, Founder of The Women’s Bakery

Five years ago, Markey Culver was stationed in Rwanda on a Peace Corps mission, tasked with improving the nutrition of a rural village. A lover of leafy greens and their health-loaded benefits, Markey first tried introducing a salad-based diet to the community...and it lasted about as long as your no-carb New Year’s Resolution. After all, as anyone who has ever made a salad for themselves knows, the second you catch a...

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Jad Abumrad’s Roadmap

People will tell you to choose a path and stick to it—stay on course—look for a secure career container and hold onto it like it's a life preserver and you're on the Titanic. But they're ignoring the reality of how the world works—and the reality of how you can navigate it in a unique, personal way and thrive like never before. Jad Abumrad, co-host and producer of Radiolab, is a perfect example...

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“If You Fail, That’s Just A Chapter in the Story…”

I like to think of life as a series of chapters in a book, where each individual gets to write his or her own story. Roadtrip Nation encourages people to find their own Roads in life. But what happens when you feel like you’ve wandered off the path? How do you deal with writer’s block? This weekend’s youtube playlist is full of Leaders who have gotten creative, followed their hearts, and...

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Weekly Mixtape: Giving Back!

Tis' the season of giving! So in honor of that, we wanted to round up some Roadtrip Nation Leaders who speak on how giving can actually allow you to receive (fulfillment).   What are you willing to give back to your community? Read More →

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Community Outreach: Change makers

Hi everyone, Mariana here, Online Community Manager at Roadtrip Nation. I wanted to start sharing stories of individuals who are working through their passions to make change in the world. People who see problems in the world, and instead of being discouraged, they are choosing to find a solution.   To start this new blog series off, I wanted to share with you this story video from organization Milk&Honey: Providing...

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Three Leader Mixtape

    We wanted to share with you these three Leader excerpts from season 8 team “Crazy, Babbling, Sunshine.” It's these gold nuggets of wisdom that serve as a catalyst for change in peoples’ lives--in particular, the lives of youth. Leaders who share their insight with our Roadtrippers not only play a huge part in Roadtrippers’ lives, but they also are the foundation of our work  with youth in Education....

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New Interviews from South by Southwest

Hello friends! A couple of months ago, Chrystal and I were fortunate enough to attend South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.   We had a incredible experience, gained many new insights and met a plethora of talented people. Two of those insightful people that we met with were Bob Boilen of NPR's "All Songs Considered" and Seth Hubbard, label manager for "Polyvinyl Records".   Read More →

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Missed Veronica Belmont on Roadtrip Nation Live?

We had an amazing time speaking with Veronica Belmont, host of web series Tekzilla and podcast Sword and Laser. I feel very fortunate to have heard her story. Usually, people don't get opportunities to be reminded that sometimes life will take you down a road that's unknown, but somehow it all works out for the best.   It was nice to finally get my geek swagger back! We love meeting...

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Catching Up With Terry Lickona

      This trip to Austin has been more than words can explain. It's been a whirlwind of meeting past Leaders, learning about new possible innovations, and a lot of walking!!! The first time I was in Austin, it was on my Roadtrip with Su and Camilla in 2008. What led us to Austin was an interview we had booked with Terry Lickona of Austin City Limits. If you...

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