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Why Is College So Important?

  Our First-Gen Road-Trippers have been booking their interviews and preparing for a summer aboard the Green RV! All four have made education a priority in their lives, and are the first in their families to go to college. We asked each of them to share with us why they think college is so important, and here are their inspiring answers!   Jasmine: In my eyes, college is a chance...

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Top 11 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Recent Grad

  Graduation is that crazy, exciting time when major change comes rushing at you, and there’s no pressing on the breaks. Our whole lives, we grow up being students. We think of time passing in terms of semesters. We mark endings with finals, and new beginnings with syllabi. After graduation, there are no term papers due or reading assignments to complete. There’s no more set path. Instead, there’s a long...

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Share Your Favorite Teacher Story

  It's no doubt that educators rock. That's why our TEACH Roadtrippers will be hitting the road this summer to speak with everyone from teachers to educational policymakers, activists, and beyond. These folks are part of a social justice movement that's reshaping our world! And, since these educators are so awesome, we think they deserve a little recognition. That's why we wanted to share this opportunity with you…   TakePart is...

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5 Reasons Why Teaching is Awesome

Throughout our many years of road-tripping, we’ve come across the whole gamut of livelihoods, and each one certainly has its fair share of joys, perks, and quirks (and potential dangers from alligator contact. Yep, we’ve seen it all). But of all the vast and varied walks of life we’ve had the privilege of observing, teaching definitely ranks high on the list of most rewarding. That’s why we’ve partnered with the...

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Roadie Recap Week 4

Why, hello there.    Read More →

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Roadie Recap Week 3

Hello from the road, world! Roadie Emmercelle here to give you your weekly dose of YAY from somewhere in the United States. I'm writing to you on the Green RV, rolling along to Fort Myers, FL. But less about that, more about this past week. Read More →

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Roadie Tour: Week 2 Recap!

Hello again from the road! Roadie Emmercelle here with your weekly fun update; because it's a new week and we are fun and this is our update. Yay!   Read More →

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Roadtrip Nation reaching more students!

Hi there friends!   As you may know, we here at Roadtrip Nation entered the education realm a few years ago, and we’ve been making hands-on resources ever since to help students connect their studies to their unique aspirations in life. This month, we’re excited to announce that we will be bringing our self-discovery tools to even more students across the country through our new partnership with Naviance, one of...

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Skyline College and College of San Mateo Counselor Indie Roadtrip

  Hey everybody, Ray here, and I’ve got another cool roadtrip to share with you. These are the ladies of Skyline College, and College of San Mateo: Lavinia, Virginia, Eileen, and Lorraine. I went up to the Bay Area with Brian earlier this year, and right off the bat the ladies were eager to learn, soak up the knowledge, and get all the tricks of the trade in securing and...

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We Need Your Vote For Our Cause!

Hi, Friends!   So, we have some pretty exciting stuff happening right now—and we’d like you to get involved! Well, really, we need your support!   Many of you know about our work in education, but some of you don’t. Over our ten years of helping people define their own Roads in life, we started to realize we needed to reach people earlier in their lives so that they had...

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