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2013 Holiday Gift Ideas from Our Designers

Every year, the holidays seem to elicit the full spectrum of human emotions. We get excited about time off work; anxious about picking gifts; embarrassed at being caught singing along to Mariah Carey Christmas songs. The combination of seasonal joys and stressors certainly make for a topsy-turvy month, but the important thing to remember is that we’re all in this together! That’s why our Design Team has come up with...

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Bucket Lists

Hey blogosphere! This week we're talking about bucket lists—the stuff we want to accomplish/see/be/experience most in our lives! What are your biggest goals? What’s the stuff that will fulfill you so that you don’t look back on your life with regret? Our resident chalk expert Ryan drew up this awesome design to help get you brainstorming on the topic. Read More →

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Roadtrip Nation Weekly Challenge: May the Force be with You!

  Hello, Online Community!   I hope this month of May is finding you well! We decided May was a better month than ever to set a few community-driven challenges. After all, May the fourth brings out a special kind of power for the rest of the month—the kind of power that brings out the Jedi warrior in all of us.   Read More →

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Design-Inspired Gifts 2012

Hello friends,   Design team here, ready to be your helper elves in finding unique gifts this holiday season.   As graphic artists (and avid internet rummagers), we spend the better part of our days seeking out and ogling pretty things. So, we’ve decided to scour the net and show you all the products that are currently making us squee like middle-schoolers at a Justin Bieber concert.   Whether you’re...

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Starting up a Letterpress Printing Business

    Hi! Monique here   Summer has come and gone, ack! When I last posted, I was just getting my business, Metal Doily Press, off the ground. Now, only a few months later, I have my website up! Another exciting development? I'll be selling at the Los Angeles Printers’ Fair for the first time this weekend, and just got accepted into my first holiday season craft fair: Patchwork Indie Art & Crafts Festival in Long...

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Design Interns Share Some Insights

Here is a snap shot of what our awesome design interns have been doing. Sam and Ryan are playing a huge role in the new updates to our interview archive. We can't wait to show you all the work we've been doing, but here is a sneak peek!    Hello! My name is Ryan Lee and this is officially my first blog post ever. I feel apprehensive and excited at the same...

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Graphic Design Intern for Roadtrip Nation Collage Project

  Roadtrip Nation seeks an energetic and creative Graphic Design Intern, who is looking for an exciting place to work on a meaningful project. This is a temporary, part-time internship with a project completion date of August 1, 2012. Designer must work in office at our Costa Mesa HQ. Applicants must be able to start immediately.   Project Specifications: • Build/assemble/create approx. 300-400 physical collages   Rate: $10/collage completed  ...

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Design-Inspired Graduation Gifts!

Q: Hey, Roadtrip Nation Design Team! My son/daughter/niece/nephew/friend is graduating from design school, and I have no idea what to get him/her as a gift. Whatever shall I do? A: Don't fret—we’re here to help! We (RTN designers Tawny and Monique) put together a guide of our favorite design-inspired gifts and resources to help your designer-to-be get on his or her feet in the design community—and get inspired! Plus, these...

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Aggregating our Sources for Inspiration

Hello, Design Department here! We often have visitors at Roadtrip Nation HQ, and the most common question we get during tours of the office is how we come up with our ideas. While we don't have step-by-step guidelines of how to generate an idea, what we can say has been helpful is having a constant running image/inspiration collection to refer to for projects. Read More →

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Team Pixel Party Heads to San Francisco!

Hello from the Design Department!   We are aflutter here at HQ because this week we'll be attending the first-ever HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco! This is a major design conference geared toward using print design skills for interactive purposes like mobile, tablets, and web. So, for Roadtrip Nation, that means building cool, new features for our sites and online educational curriculum!   Read More →

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