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Roadie Recap: Balancing the STEM Equation

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard all about our latest women in STEM-themed series, A Balanced Equation! But what you might not know is that behind the scenes, an awesome bunch of Roadtrip Nation roadies—Mimi, Jen, Kelsey, and Ellen—have been visiting schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and STEM-focused organizations across the country, screening clips from the series for over 2,000 students and young adults. A Balanced Equation features tons of uplifting...

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Roadie Blog: Updates from the Road

Hello World!   This is Roadie Jenny (or J-Dog as my fellow Roadies call me). I'll be keeping you in the loop from the road for the 2014 Roadie Fall Tour! We're ecstatic to embark on this journey and can't wait to bring you along with us. But first...   Let us take a selfie!   Monday night we head out (not too far from home) to sunny San Diego,...

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Roadie Recap Week 6

My my my, fancy seeing you here. Roadie Emmercelle reporting from Columbus, Ohio, as the RV gets serviced and ready to GO for our trip back to California. Let me tell you about the roads of Ohio--maaaan, is it beautiful. This past week marked our very last week of events. Coming into our fifth week on the road, we all were amped to give the last set of events our...

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Roadie Recap Week 4

Why, hello there.    Read More →

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Roadie Recap Week 3

Hello from the road, world! Roadie Emmercelle here to give you your weekly dose of YAY from somewhere in the United States. I'm writing to you on the Green RV, rolling along to Fort Myers, FL. But less about that, more about this past week. Read More →

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Roadie Tour: Week 1 Recap!

Roadie Emmercelle here, giving you a Roadie tour week 1 recap! I'll be blogging from the road, and keeping you updated on all things Fall Tour!   On Friday afternoon we finally hit the road!   <!-more Read More →->   We got kind of a late start, but we made it out to Kingman, Arizona. At our first stop on the way there, Conner had his first EVER taste of...

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Meet the Roadies! Heading out on tour!

Our Roadies hit the road from our Costa Mesa offices this week! So before they head out, we thought we’d introduce them to you! Be sure to follow their travels on Twitter @greenrv or on our Instagram!   Connor!       Why did you want to be a Roadtrip Nation Roadie?   Read More →

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Our Roadies Are Hitting the Road!

Fall is coming, and with it another Roadtrip Nation Roadie tour! We’re teaming up with AT&T to travel to 25 high schools across the U.S. to inspire students to think about life after high school and the possible roads ahead of them. This week, four Roadies are taking to the road in the Green RV, and we want you to follow them on their journey!   Our Roadies will be...

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Looking for a few good roadies!

Howdy! It’s getting to be that time of the year when Outreach starts putting all our brain power and muscle to work, figuring out how to create another sweet Fall Tour for the year. With that being said, we would love for you to be a part of this awesome Fall Tour! We are looking for Roadies to hit the road for us this fall and travel the country for...

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Roadie Jungle Weekly Wrap Up #5

Greetings from Florida, Blogverse!   Jungle with the East Coast Roadie team, here to bring you the scoop of this past week’s happenings!  We are officially in Florida, the sunshine state…and boy is it sunny here! Read More →

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