Catching Up With Terry Lickona

March 15, 2012




This trip to Austin has been more than words can explain. It’s been a whirlwind of meeting past Leaders, learning about new possible innovations, and a lot of walking!!!

The first time I was in Austin, it was on my Roadtrip with Su and Camilla in 2008. What led us to Austin was an interview we had booked with Terry Lickona of Austin City Limits. If you haven’t seen it, follow the link:

Terry was one of the most welcoming and genuine people I had the honor to say I got to meet and hear his wisdom. I was left feeling so inspired by his story and am constantly grateful for how open he was to sharing his advice.

So, today, Chrystal and I got to spend some time with Terry at the new Austin City Limits building and catch up on three years of life! More importantly, with my new perspectives on life that he helped shape, I was able to say thank you.

We have some footage from the last week to share with you tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what you guys think.




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