5 Quotes That Will Help You Say BOO(yah) To Fear This Halloween

October 16, 2014

Quotes To Battle Fear

Halloween is scary, but so is life. It’s daunting to become a full-blown adult who owns nice salt shakers and keeps 8 a.m. doctor appointments. You’ve got college loan collectors, who, despite your festive Halloween gesture, won’t accept Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as payment (hey, their loss). Or how about that scary aroma from your fridge that haunts your whole apartment? Just because a decorative pumpkin can sit out for a week and stay intact, your roommate seems to think this rule applies to all vegetables, and now your fridge is a graveyard for rotting zucchini that got rejected for pizza. Oh, and even don’t get us started on the horror of 401ks. Even if we were vampires with thousands of years to study this world, they would still confuse us.


All of it is enough to make anyone hide under the covers. But the next time fear rises up, just remember these quotes and they’re sure to keep you from going batty. (Ok, that’s our last pun. Promise!)





Ward Hessig


2.Laura Danly



3.Joe Quesada



4.Adam Steltzner5.

JP Barlow

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