Bobby: the man, the legend, photographer!

November 22, 2013


When I was tasked with writing this blog, I thought, “crap.” This is a daunting post to write, because there is no combination of words, no well-strung sentence that could eloquently and justly describe the amazing Bobby Lee. The pressure is on. Bobby works on our web team and is one of the most talented and passionate nature photographers I have the pleasure to work with and call my friend.


Bobby has always been the one behind that quiet omnipresent camera lens, who silently moves through space and is able to capture a memory, a feeling so accurately and beautifully that you can’t help but feel something when you look at the end product.


For a while, photography was well-hidden talent of Bobby’s. He was a mystery. He was just the quiet guy that occasionally snapped pictures around the office. And then, one day he started sharing his art, photography. And we all realized “Daaammmnnn, Bobby’s got game.” Bobby isn’t just great at snapping photos of work events–he is a masterful, calm and collected explorer who photographs nature by delving into its wild depths on weekend hikes.



If you want to truly experience someone’s passion in all its glory, then look at Bobby’s photography. Or better yet, support Bobby’s photography.

How? Bobby is planning to go live in the magnificent New Zealand (as an Australian, I will put aside my rivalry) and commit a year of his life to his passion– something that many of us have thought about but speaking personally would be too terrified to do! It’s an understatement to say we are all so proud of him and the amazing adventure he will be having next year!


mountain landscape


So, if you want to help fuel an amazing project and get some perks along the way, you can donate to Bobby’s Kickstarter right here!


Do it!


Think of it as an investment (trust me).


Your Australian Community Manager,

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