Battle of the Bands Recap!

July 14, 2011

A couple weeks ago, the Roadtrip Nation Music Department held our first Battle of the Bands, and it was quite a success!  The bands that played were from all different genres, so it made for a nice night of diverse music.  After five sets, we clearly had a winner…



The winner of the first Roadtrip Nation Music Department’s Battle of the Bands is 80 Proof!  They packed the house and rocked the stage.  They had so much energy and put on an incredible show!



80 Proof won a spot on our 2011 Fall Tour Soundtrack, the chance to be featured in Roadtrip Nation content and a chance to perform at a local Roadtrip Nation event.  They will also be interviewed by us and be featured as a Roadtrip Nation Musician on our Listen page!  Stay tuned for that interview.



I wanted to give a HUGE thanks to all the bands that came out:  The Humdrum Rebellion, Still The Sky’s Limit, Smithfield Bargain and Almost Hero.  You all were amazing and we had such a great time with you!  And thanks to The Humdrum Rebellion for the delicious brownies.  I can honestly say those were the best brownies I’ve ever had!
Lastly, thanks to Chain Reaction for helping us with this event and being so supportive from start to finish!



Check out some of the photos from the Battle below!





The Humdrum Rebellion






Still The Sky’s Limit






80 Proof






Smithfield Bargain






Almost Hero








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