And We Called Her “Winnie”

September 21, 2011




Jason, Willie, and the rest of the Roadtrip Nation crew worked hard, burning the midnight oil to transform an old 1972 Winnebago into an event space for this year’s Education Nation in New York City!


Why? We wanted create a unique and engaging event space at Education Nation, so we took this retired Winnebago and repurposed it to use as a booth! This booth will be used by our Roadtrip Nation Experience students who will be conducting interviews during the conference.


This was an exciting project for all of us, and we can’t wait to see the interviews coming from the transformed Winnie! Our Education Director, Annie, will be tweeting from Education Nation starting this Friday! So, keep a look out for those tweets!


Learn more about this transformation here!



Music by our friend:

“Familiar Tune” by Nathan Mathes


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