An Intern’s Life

September 9, 2011



I’m Kathryn Boyd-Batstone, a production intern at Roadtrip Nation. I just graduated from Long Beach Poly High School and will attend University of Oregon to study journalism and environmental studies in just a few weeks. This was my first job, and with every story I came home with about work, my parents and friends teased me about being spoiled with such a fun first job. On my first day, I played ping-pong, a constant noise in the office. Then, a few weeks later, an amazing band, Hotels and Highways, played a concert for us at lunch. One day, we even had a barbecue in Laguna Beach overlooking the ocean!


A large amount of work gets done at Roadtrip Nation though. My internship started with preparing for the final stages of Season Eight and preparing for Season Nine. I learned how to use Final Cut, an editing software, by syncing multiple camera angles (matching up the many camera angles for an interview).  I also got to edit and choose angles for the additional online content.  I watched exports of episodes and other content to make sure there were no errors. My favorite part, however, was logging and capturing clips from this summer’s Green RV Roadtrip. The team here films the Roadtrip all the while sending back memory cards to be uploaded on the computers, which are then cleared and sent back for more footage. I felt as though I was on the Roadtrip. I watched the Roadtrippers’ pre-trip thoughts, their first glimpses of one another at the airport in Maryland, their interviews with inspiring Leaders, and their development into true friends.


You could always tell when one of us interns were logging footage because there would always be a sudden burst of laughter. I remember one time watching a clip from when the team was driving in the South with not much on the landscape, and Brooklyn, one of the Roadtrippers, started to rap Natalie Portman-style. I just started laughing, making Jamie, an assistant editor who sat next to me, look over and say, “I want to see!” After watching so many hours of Roadtripper footage, and listening to their fears and insecurities for the future, I developed a connection with them but also a reassurance that I am not the only one with those fears.


Larry Colbert, a blind motivational speaker interviewed in Season Eight, defined success as an individual thing. It’s not necessarily money, materialism, or a fabulous career. It’s something you carry in yourself. It’s your self-worth, it’s your self-esteem, it’s how you’re treated by other people because of the way you treat them. It’s happiness. It’s feeling comfortable with who you are, what you do, and why you do it. This really spoke to me. So, with my degree, I want to one day work as a photographer for National Geographic. After watching this summer’s interviews on the Road and others, it helped me affirm that this is what I want to do. I know I, like the Roadtrippers and many others around my age, will face uncertainty and doubt. But the biggest thing I learned from my internship at Roadtrip Nation is that if I am passionate about something, I can make that my career, no matter the odds.


Every person that I’ve met at Roadtrip Nation is passionate about their jobs here. This internship taught me more than editing skills—it taught me about determination and finding myself.


If you’re interested in the internship, check out the details here!

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