Are You Afraid Of The… Future?

November 1, 2013

Hi blogosphere–Hannah here, wishing you a Happy (belated) Halloween! Over here at Roadtrip Nation, we’re big fans of the holiday. Dressing up in costumes for work? Check.



Halloween is all about scary stuff. Sometimes, stuff in our daily lives–like big life choices and taking risks–can seem just as frightening as Halloween ghosts, goblins, and zombies (like our production intern, Brittney).


Zombie Brittany


One thing is for sure–fear can certainly affect us as we all seek to define our own Roads in life.


Ward Hessig is one of our Leaders who doesn’t let fear get in the way when he wants to achieve a goal. He’s a skydiving instructor! Talk about taming your fears, right?! He thinks it’s amazing to feel the fear, joy, and excitement each time he makes a jump, and says, “After 11,000 jumps, there’s still fear, okay? But there’s fear and fear management, and you have to weigh the rewards. I’m afraid, but it’s manageable fear. And look what I get for giving it a try! Look at the reward I get.”


I’ll admit it, I’m not immune to fear…not even close. Before I went backpacking through Southeast Asia this summer, I remember being so anxious about my upcoming trip that I told my mother I’d rather not go. I was terrified, and started “what-if”-ing myself into oblivion. Examples included: What if I get bed bugs? What if there are rats in my hostels? What if I get sick? What if I don’t pack things I need?


Well, here’s the kicker…all of those what-ifs happened. I did get bed bugs. I woke up one night to find a rat rummaging in my backpack. And I often thought of ways I could have packed more efficiently. But, here’s the awesome part–in the end I was fine! I lived (thrived?) through those hurdles. It turns out that the overall rewards from the trip (I saw amazing things/tasted amazing foods/met amazing people) were just so outta-this-world-spectacular that it all seemed worth it.


Looking back on my trip, I totally get what Ward Hessig means. When you manage your fears, you can reap some major rewards. That’s what I try to remind myself when approaching situations that scare me. The rewards can be awesome if you give it a try! Meanwhile, the stuff that goes wrong has the potential to become a great story, once the shock wears off.


As you enjoy some delicious leftover Halloween candy this weekend, I encourage you to consider what scares YOU, and how you might bust through that fear as you continue to define your own Road.



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