5 Outfits You Should Definitely Try While Road-Tripping

August 8, 2014


Road trip fashion is less about what color is “in” this season and more about comfort, functionality, and temperature control. That’s why we propose that you pack the following items for your next road trip!


1. Jorts (jean shorts): This is a standard road-tripping clothing item. Jorts basically scream, “I love driving around America.” Simply put, jeans+shorts= magic.


2. Yoga pants and t-shirt: When you rock this outfit, you are guaranteed a comfy ride. The t-shirt is a standard choice, and the yoga pants are stretchy and wonderful. Wear this get-up and you won’t be sorry.


3. Board shorts and tank: When you wear this combo you’re always prepared to take a swim! This is a smart choice, especially because showers are not always an “everyday” thing on the road. So, taking a dip in the ocean and/or taking the plunge into a nearby lake can be a great way to steer clear of B.O. Wearing board shorts on the road is straight-up practical.


4. Suit and tie: You’ll need this outfit for all those business meetings you’ll be attending whilst on the road. Just kidding. Don’t pack this. Duh.


5. Trucker hatThis isn’t an outfit, but it is a necessary accessory!

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