Weekly Playlist: Transitions

September 20, 2013

This week our video mixtape is all about transition. It’s a world often associated with change, uncertainty, and risk. Are these words making your pulse beat a little faster? Perhaps your palms are getting a little sweaty? I feel ya. Transitions can be tough! I’m a firm believer, however, that transitions and change can be vital to our process of finding our own roads in life. It’s necessary for us to shed things that don’t fit in order to find new things that do! That’s what transition is all about.


A few months ago I was feeling unfulfilled by my desk job and was looking to make a big life change, so I bought a plane ticket to Thailand, moved out of my apartment, and embarked on a backpacking adventure. I needed to get away from the “daily grind” to clarify what was important to me. That soul-seeking journey (sorry, I know this sounds mushy) is part of what pushed me to apply for this internship at Roadtrip Nation, and it’s why I packed up my stuff last week and drove the entire length of the country to start a new internship. These huge changes have been totally exciting and also (admittedly) stressful. That’s why I think it rocks that Roadtrip Nation has an entire archive of advice from Leaders who have been through the metaphorical trenches and lived to tell their tales. A couple of their interviews have given me clarity and helped me stay positive during these periods of transition. I’d like to share those with you in the hope that they can provide you with some insight as well.


The first Leader, Warren Brown, changed careers from law to baking! He talks about the importance of following your passions, even when transitions are scary. Scott MacEachern expresses the importance of self-exploration, especially when times get hard. Paul Mercurio talks about overcoming other’s doubts in times of transition, and Marlies Yearby insists that you shouldn’t let “what ifs” scare you away from taking opportunities. Finally, Wendy Williams encourages others to stay brave during times of transition. She says, “Don’t let people get in your head. Be fearless!” These different perspectives on transition and change all center upon the same ideas- you should believe in yourself, and make choices that feel right to YOU. Don’t question yourself- this is your journey. Go forth and explore!

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