Weekend Mix: Fear

May 27, 2011


Hello from Australia! I am currently sitting in my former 15-year-old self’s bedroom, trying to stay warm in Sydney’s cold rain-filled days. But I am excited to bring you a perhaps not-too-commonly used word when trying to inspire someone. Although, for me, it is my biggest reassurance that I am on the right track (maybe it’s all about perspective). So, this Weekend Mix theme is brought to you by “Fear.”


On my Roadtrip, I found out a lot about myself—what I loved, what I didn’t love. But one of the biggest things I found out about was Fear. The Roadtrip changed my perspective on Fear. I realized…Fear is a good thing!


Fear is my measure of knowing that something I am going after is really important to me. When you’re petrified of doing something so much that it gives you butterflies in your stomach, or you get cold sweats, it will drive you all the more to make sure you do it well!


So what is it that makes your palms sweaty or your stomach in knots? Why? Don’t let fear stop you, let it fuel you! And so, this weekend I am putting my money where my mouth is and taking a surf lesson…I am petrified.





Al Merrick






A fear I must face is: Your answer here.




Have a great weekend!




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