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“Change the World Like a Woman”

Our “Women in STEM” road trip is wrapping up soon, so we figured it was about time for a fun update from the road! Last week, as the three road-trippers made their way through Texas in the big green RV, they were invited to make an exciting pit stop at AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas. The Women in STEM Roadtrip is part of a collaboration with AT&T through the AT&T Aspire...

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Follow the Journey of These Women in STEM!

The number of STEM jobs is increasing—but the number of women entering these fields isn’t. We’re on a mission to change that. Studies have shown that women are more likely to pursue and succeed in STEM fields if they see examples of women who already have. That’s why we are collaborating with AT&T, through the AT&T Aspire initiative, to send three young women on the road to seek out and...

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