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Acting in the Face of Fear

  If you’re about to step out of a moving airplane and fall over 14,000 feet back to earth at speeds of 200 mph, the last thing you’d want to hear is that your instructor — the man strapped to your back, the man in charge of deploying your parachute, the man with your life in his hands — is afraid. Ward Hessig’s résumé makes him out to be the most fearless man on...

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Why Is College So Important?

  Our First-Gen Road-Trippers have been booking their interviews and preparing for a summer aboard the Green RV! All four have made education a priority in their lives, and are the first in their families to go to college. We asked each of them to share with us why they think college is so important, and here are their inspiring answers!   Jasmine: In my eyes, college is a chance...

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Share Your Favorite Teacher Story

  It's no doubt that educators rock. That's why our TEACH Roadtrippers will be hitting the road this summer to speak with everyone from teachers to educational policymakers, activists, and beyond. These folks are part of a social justice movement that's reshaping our world! And, since these educators are so awesome, we think they deserve a little recognition. That's why we wanted to share this opportunity with you…   TakePart is...

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Roadie Jungle Weekly Wrap Up #5

Greetings from Florida, Blogverse!   Jungle with the East Coast Roadie team, here to bring you the scoop of this past week’s happenings!  We are officially in Florida, the sunshine state…and boy is it sunny here! Read More →

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Roadtrip Nation Students on KQED Radio Show!

  On January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Roadtrip Nation students and teachers were featured on KQED’s  radio show Forum!   KQED invited Brian McAllister, a cofounder of Roadtrip Nation; Martha Escalera and Michelle Peyton, both teachers of the Roadtrip Nation Experience; as well as Carina Gomez, Adriana Jacquez, and Tevin Liao, students going through the curriculum, to speak on their unique perspectives and experiences with The Roadtrip Nation...

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