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9 Ways to Rock the Rest of Your Summer

We’ve all been there: you’re reaching up to finally tear that June page off of your calendar when you have a horrifying realization—it’s already the last day of July. Hold up...WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?! There’s nothing worse than going back to school without an answer to that classic first-day icebreaker: “So, what’d you do over the summer?” But if the past two months have flown by in a blurry...

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What Your Family’s Career Advice Actually Means

Advice is flung at us all the time about everything. Things like, “Get renters insurance!” “Never eat supermarket sushi!” “Don’t call 911 just because your wifi went down!” Granted, those are all incredibly valid pieces of advice that you should definitely heed. But what about generic life and career guidance that doesn’t take into the account the nuances of who you are and what you want out of life? We’re...

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Q&A: ModCloth’s Susan Gregg Koger on What She Wishes She’d Known When She Started

Susan Gregg Koger started ModCloth the summer after high school with her then-boyfriend, now-husband as a place to sell her excess thrift-store finds. So when she went to college, ModCloth came too. Sure, that meant that her dorm room became her fledgling side-business’s fulfillment center (thanks, understanding college dorm-mates!), and that she sometimes got business calls when she was in the library studying, but it also meant that when she...

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Q&A: Berty Mandagie on Instagramming the Pacific Northwest

We asked prolific Seattle-based Instagrammer of the Pacific Northwest’s epic, verdant beauty Berty Mandagie to share a few photos that characterize his journey into photography so far. And we snuck in some questions about what inspires him, how he works, and his advice for aspiring photographers, too. Weekend adventures with his girlfriend, Emily.How do you describe what you do? I am actually a middle-school intern at my church on the weekdays....

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5 Quotes That Will Help You Say BOO(yah) To Fear This Halloween

Halloween is scary, but so is life. It’s daunting to become a full-blown adult who owns nice salt shakers and keeps 8 a.m. doctor appointments. You’ve got college loan collectors, who, despite your festive Halloween gesture, won’t accept Reese's Peanut Butter Cups as payment (hey, their loss). Or how about that scary aroma from your fridge that haunts your whole apartment? Just because a decorative pumpkin can sit out for...

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30 Things To Do Before You’re 30

Crippling existential freak-outs. Waking up on your friends’ couches with your shoes still on. Getting Taco Bell for dinner (and paying with the change you scrounged up from various pants you haven’t worn in a few weeks).   These are all routine events in your 20s. It’s a phase of life characterized by “what the hell am I doing?!” unrest. And it can be tough. Things are up in the...

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It’s Time For Throwback Thursday

As a way to celebrate how far Roadtrip has come, we thought it would be fun to start celebrating Throwback Thursday, Roadtrip style. Each week, we’ll be digging up pictures and videos from our past seasons of Roadtrip Nation--starting with the original Roadtrip!--to get you all excited about the application process for our upcoming Summer Roadtrip. OK, yes, this blog also doubles as a plug for our Summer Roadtrip applications,...

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Green RV 2014 Application is Now Open!

  Looking to break out of routine? Searching for the next steps? Or lost as @#$%, this is your chance to explore what’s out there.   Our Green RV Roadtrip sends people between the ages of 18-40 all over the country to speak with eclectic people who do what they love. Think of it as 6 weeks in an immersion tank of inspiration—an opportunity who to step outside your comfort zone and learn more about...

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Roadie Recap Week 3

Hello from the road, world! Roadie Emmercelle here to give you your weekly dose of YAY from somewhere in the United States. I'm writing to you on the Green RV, rolling along to Fort Myers, FL. But less about that, more about this past week. Read More →

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Post-it Note Advice For a Quarter-Life Crisis

The other night I made mac and cheese for dinner and joked to my friends on social media about the fact that I’m definitely not a grown-up.   Instagrammed Evidence, Exhibit A: After all, grown-ups eat vegetables for dinner. They have recipe books and they’re not afraid to use 'em, right? My Pinterest account seems to suggest that the answer is yes, but I’m beginning to become skeptical. Conversely, my...

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