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Meet the ‘Roadtrip Nation: Hawaii’ Road-trippers!

SURPRISE: we have one last road trip happening before the end of the year, and it's taking place in Hawaii! That’s right; this holiday season, our newest crew of road-trippers will spend a few weeks cruising around tropical islands, venturing into volcanoes, whale-watching, and most importantly, talking to their job crushes. The road trip will explore all of the amazing work taking place on the various islands of Hawaii, with a special...

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5 Thanksgiving Encounters That’ll Make You Wish You Had Gone to Hawaii Instead

Long ago—when tights were vital undergarments and weren’t just worn as pants—Thanksgiving’s purpose was to celebrate the harvest. These days, it exists so you can eat the same quantity as a bear, fight with your grown-ass siblings over the TV remote, and dodge your aunt who always asks about your romantic life. Times have changed. That’s not to say that the meaning of the holiday has eroded just because we...

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