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13 Truly Spooky Stories (for Grown-ups!)

Once you become an adult, most of the traditionally “scary” Halloween figures lose a lot of their clout: “monster” is a word we casually throw around to describe coworkers who don’t take out the trash when it’s full, ghosts are just jerks who never text you back (even after what you thought was a really nice date!), and “boo” is an adorable thing that Aziz Ansari says. What’s really scary are some...

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Acting in the Face of Fear

  If you’re about to step out of a moving airplane and fall over 14,000 feet back to earth at speeds of 200 mph, the last thing you’d want to hear is that your instructor — the man strapped to your back, the man in charge of deploying your parachute, the man with your life in his hands — is afraid. Ward Hessig’s résumé makes him out to be the most fearless man on...

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13 Things that Scare the S*** out of 20-Somethings

Some anxieties persist throughout life: fear of spiders, discomfort with heights, having to take your laptop out of your bag at airport security and feeling SUCH TREMENDOUS PRESSURE TO DO IT IN .003 SECONDS because everyone is judging your zipping skills. Other worries are uniquely confined to your twenties. It’s a shaky stage, where something as mundane as picking out a phone plan triggers the impulse to call your mom...

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5 Quotes That Will Help You Say BOO(yah) To Fear This Halloween

Halloween is scary, but so is life. It’s daunting to become a full-blown adult who owns nice salt shakers and keeps 8 a.m. doctor appointments. You’ve got college loan collectors, who, despite your festive Halloween gesture, won’t accept Reese's Peanut Butter Cups as payment (hey, their loss). Or how about that scary aroma from your fridge that haunts your whole apartment? Just because a decorative pumpkin can sit out for...

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Are You Afraid Of The… Future?

Hi blogosphere--Hannah here, wishing you a Happy (belated) Halloween! Over here at Roadtrip Nation, we’re big fans of the holiday. Dressing up in costumes for work? Check.   Halloween is all about scary stuff. Sometimes, stuff in our daily lives--like big life choices and taking risks--can seem just as frightening as Halloween ghosts, goblins, and zombies (like our production intern, Brittney).  Read More →

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The Failure Club?

  We think it’s important to share news about people and organizations who are also encouraging others to define their own Roads in life. We recently learned about a new series soon to be airing on Yahoo! doing just that and we wanted to share a bit about what we learned.   Read More →

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Weekend Mix: Fear

  Hello from Australia! I am currently sitting in my former 15-year-old self’s bedroom, trying to stay warm in Sydney’s cold rain-filled days. But I am excited to bring you a perhaps not-too-commonly used word when trying to inspire someone. Although, for me, it is my biggest reassurance that I am on the right track (maybe it's all about perspective). So, this Weekend Mix theme is brought to you by...

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