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12 “Grown-Up” Gifts to Put on Your Holiday Wish List

As a child, your absolute worst nightmare was that after spending the whole year looking forward to the holidays, all of that buildup would culminate in an utterly disappointing 1-8 nights of socks, coal, or, worst of all, chapter books. But one of the surest signs of the slightly depressing transition into adulthood is that you start to embrace the things you once hated: Socks? Yes, please! Coal? Sure; let’s save some money...

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What Your Family’s Career Advice Actually Means

Advice is flung at us all the time about everything. Things like, “Get renters insurance!” “Never eat supermarket sushi!” “Don’t call 911 just because your wifi went down!” Granted, those are all incredibly valid pieces of advice that you should definitely heed. But what about generic life and career guidance that doesn’t take into the account the nuances of who you are and what you want out of life? We’re...

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5 Thanksgiving Encounters That’ll Make You Wish You Had Gone to Hawaii Instead

Long ago—when tights were vital undergarments and weren’t just worn as pants—Thanksgiving’s purpose was to celebrate the harvest. These days, it exists so you can eat the same quantity as a bear, fight with your grown-ass siblings over the TV remote, and dodge your aunt who always asks about your romantic life. Times have changed. That’s not to say that the meaning of the holiday has eroded just because we...

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