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Acting in the Face of Fear

  If you’re about to step out of a moving airplane and fall over 14,000 feet back to earth at speeds of 200 mph, the last thing you’d want to hear is that your instructor — the man strapped to your back, the man in charge of deploying your parachute, the man with your life in his hands — is afraid. Ward Hessig’s résumé makes him out to be the most fearless man on...

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Top 11 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Recent Grad

  Graduation is that crazy, exciting time when major change comes rushing at you, and there’s no pressing on the breaks. Our whole lives, we grow up being students. We think of time passing in terms of semesters. We mark endings with finals, and new beginnings with syllabi. After graduation, there are no term papers due or reading assignments to complete. There’s no more set path. Instead, there’s a long...

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