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Introducing: The Cybersecurity Road-trippers!

It’s no secret that the internet can be a scary place. (And we’re not just talking about your mom trying to add you on Snapchat). At a time when most of our professional and private information is stored online, we need a task-force of specialists to keep it safe—a team of superheroes, of sorts. Enter cybersecurity experts: they’re the people safeguarding everything online, from our most embarrassing #squad photos, to...

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Moments from the Road, by the Roadtrip Nation Crew

Today we're rolling out another webisode special from Beyond the Dream, our upcoming documentary about three young adult immigrants—who have only temporary protection from deportation—as they navigate the uncertainty of their twenties…and of their legal status. The newest mini-episode is about a very important—and very messy—part of the Dream Team's daily life on the road: dumping the RV's sewage tanks. To show solidarity, we asked the crew here at Roadtrip Nation to share some of their greatest, weirdest, or...

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How to Introduce Adventure Into Your Everyday Life

No matter how fulfilling, engaging, exciting or innovative your job may be, chances are that you’ve had a period in your working life where you’ve fallen into a rut and found yourself doing the same things over and over, day after day. Line up 31 of those boring days in a row, throw in an unreasonable, borderline absurd amount of cloudy, rainy dreariness, and you’ve got the month of March....

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Living the Dream: Working From Anywhere in a Vanagon Named Boscha

Two years ago, Emily and Corey set out from New England in their 1987 Vanagon named Boscha to roam the country and live a more simple life while working from the road. First inspired by a man in a van they met on a trip to South America, their idea was to merge the adventure of nomadic life with a traditional job--just one that could be done from anywhere. There...

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Q&A: Berty Mandagie on Instagramming the Pacific Northwest

We asked prolific Seattle-based Instagrammer of the Pacific Northwest’s epic, verdant beauty Berty Mandagie to share a few photos that characterize his journey into photography so far. And we snuck in some questions about what inspires him, how he works, and his advice for aspiring photographers, too. Weekend adventures with his girlfriend, Emily.How do you describe what you do? I am actually a middle-school intern at my church on the weekdays....

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Gifts For People Who Like Going Places

It’s the holidays, which means you’re aimlessly roaming the mall for presents, dodging shoppers who would fist-fight you, and ultimately just buying H&M clothes for yourself because, hey, gift-giving is hard and you needed a new sweater! We get it and we’ve been there. But before you hand out gift cards that scream “I ignored your personality and spent 2 seconds thinking about this,” take a look at our gift...

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You probably shouldn’t put this on hold.

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12 Things to Avoid on Your Next Road Trip

Bean burritos. If you can’t subsist without this staple food, just know that your vehicle is about to get vividly scented and you will likely curse the first cultivators of beans who grew them at the Himalayan foothills in 7000 BCE. But these inventive agriculturists do not deserve your scorn! Just say no. Car stench. Avoid this by purchasing Febreeze and applying it generously. Eventually you’re going to cave and...

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First-Gen Roadtrip: Final Thoughts

The First-Gen Roadtrip has officially come to a close and Jasmine, Jenny, Johnathan, and Felipe have all gone their separate ways. A collaboration between Roadtrip Nation and The College Board allowed these four first-generation college students the opportunity to travel the country and interview pioneering leaders who were also the first in their families to go to college. After all was said and done, the road-trippers spent 35 days on...

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Throwback Thursday: Snapshots from the 2006 Roadtrip

Happy Throwback Thursday! This week for #TBT we've selected some snazzy snapshots from our 2006 Roadtrip. Do you want a chance to drive the Green RV this summer? The keys could be yours...but the application deadline is approaching quickly, so don't delay:

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