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13 Truly Spooky Stories (for Grown-ups!)

Once you become an adult, most of the traditionally “scary” Halloween figures lose a lot of their clout: “monster” is a word we casually throw around to describe coworkers who don’t take out the trash when it’s full, ghosts are just jerks who never text you back (even after what you thought was a really nice date!), and “boo” is an adorable thing that Aziz Ansari says. What’s really scary are some...

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12 “Grown-Up” Gifts to Put on Your Holiday Wish List

As a child, your absolute worst nightmare was that after spending the whole year looking forward to the holidays, all of that buildup would culminate in an utterly disappointing 1-8 nights of socks, coal, or, worst of all, chapter books. But one of the surest signs of the slightly depressing transition into adulthood is that you start to embrace the things you once hated: Socks? Yes, please! Coal? Sure; let’s save some money...

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Listen Up! 8 Audiobooks & Podcasts That Will Amp Up Your Autumn

Last September, as I was sitting in traffic for the millionth time, listening to the same three Drake songs I listen to every day, it hit me: Oh...I miiight not be making the best use of this time.   Don’t get me wrong: no day is complete without at least one T-Swift jam sesh. But I was clocking 80 minutes of driving, daily—what else could I be doing with those...

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