Ray’s Corner /// Meet Brittany: Roadtrip Nation’s Archivist

August 16, 2012

Meet Brittany: Roadtrip Nation’s own Archivist.

After talking to Brittany today, I started thinking about what it was that I wanted out of life at 17. At 17, I was trying to get noticed by girls while not make a fool of myself; I was trying to be in with the “trends” (at my time, it was about having just the right amount bagginess to your jeans and rockin ‘em with the sickest Nikes you could find); I was trying to convince my parents of my need for a car. The things that concerned me didn’t have too much to do with a vision for my future, and I was just “trying,” not really “acting.”


When I think back on Britt’s time here at Roadtrip Nation, I think of someone that is completely unique; someone that has “acted” as opposed to “try.” She joined the staff as a 17-year-old high school student who was getting ready to graduate. Now, 3 years later, she’s been involved in roller derby, has gotten into drumming, has become Roadtrip Nation’s archivist, a vegan, is about to finally turn 21 in a couple weeks, and most importantly, has begun planning her dream trip to visit Finland in October.


I talked to Britt about her upcoming trip to find out why she had had Finland on her radar as her dream trip. It all started when Britt was a freshman in her biology class and her friend started playing the Finnish rock/metal band “Him.” Once Britt heard their music, she was hooked and began researching Finland. Her decision was made. It’s been almost 7 years in the making, and she’s just a couple months out from her epic journey. She’s planning to visit an ice bar, as many cafes as she can, take in the everyday culture, do all things metal, and hopefully catch a glimpse of a wild reindeer in the flesh!


After talking to Britt and having seen her grow here at Roadtrip Nation, she is a prime example of going for it and exploring your passions. Her example show us that it’s not just about wanting something–it’s also about executing it, having your own personal goals, planning it, and making it happen–even if it is almost 7 years in the making!


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