Our web team is looking for a Backend Web Developer!

July 25, 2012

The Roadtrip Nation staff

Hi friends! Roadtrip Nation is on the lookout for a strong backend web developer. Do you find that you do your best problem solving on a whiteboard or behind a computer screen? Does the idea of working with a fun team of self-professed tech nerds bring a smile to your face? Check out the details below on an amazing opportunity to join the Movement and work with our great team!

Roadtrip Nation is looking for a STRONG (SENIOR preferred) PHP/MySQL developer to join our dynamic team. We follow an iterative approach and we need a communicative, detail-oriented TEAM player.


Skills Required:

* **MINIMUM 5 years working with Object Oriented PHP5 and Mysql

* MVC Experience

* Object Oriented Development

* Developing within a TEAM

* Merging/branching with version control (SVN)

* Know the difference between InnoDB and MyIsam

* Best practices for managing user input safely

* Experience with ORM & Database Abstraction

* Unit testing with phpunit, etc.




Click here for more information about the job and how to apply! Looking forward to hearing from you!

– Web team


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