Mondays Suck…But They Don’t Have To

July 1, 2016

As summer gets itself well under way, we have to take a second to mourn the passing of our favorite time of year: the Sunday Season. Yes, those ten glorious weeks out of the year when HBO bestows upon us a lineup of TV shows so incredible that it tricks us into actually looking forward to Sunday nights. Ten weeks in which we can spend Sunday evenings blissfully escaping into Daenerys Targaryen’s latest shenanigans, and Monday mornings telling our coworkers our latest Jon Snow theories, or chatting about whether or not the new boss is “totally an Erlich.” We don’t want to sound like we’re obsessed with TV or anything, but with the summer lineup in rotation and most professional sports on hiatus, it feels like next week, we’ll have nothing to do on Sunday nights but sit around and think about how much we’re dreading Monday.

The weirdest thing about the “Monday blues” is that you can catch them even if you really, really love your job—we blame that anti-Monday propagandist, Garfield. But the best thing about the Monday blues is that they’re very, very easy to cure, as long as you get yourself into the right mindset on Sunday night. Here are five things you can do on Sunday to make your Mondays suck a whole lot less:


Put friends over food prep.

It seems like the go-to “lifehack-y” solution for Monday ennui is to shovel as many boring chores as possible on to Sunday night’s plate. But unless you’re a writer who’s always wanted to publish a short story about someone who’s bored at a laundromat (seems legit), the laundromat is not a super inspiring place in which to kick off your week. Sure, after churning out all of your laundry and meal prep, you might feel more ready for the week, but is it worth it if you’re starting Monday feeling bored and drained? 

While everyone else is at the grocery store or the laundromat, go hang out with your friends and take advantage of the hundreds of neighborhood activities that are usually free on Sundays. Do something fun so you can ride those endorphins right into Monday, and then tackle those chores later during the week when you’ve already found your productivity groove.


Get sh** done!

Now that you’ve renounced your Sunday chore routine, it’s totally cool to turn your brain off and spend your Sunday night sinking into the couch while half-watching re-runs of [insert Anthony Bourdain show]; everyone needs time to relax and reset, and Sunday night always seems to be the perfect time.

But it’s also the perfect time to get inspired for the week ahead! Work on your side hustle, or take a “cultural outing” to a local museum. Even doing something as small as finishing the book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for a few months will put you in that “ready to take on the week” mindset, and slingshot you right into Monday.


Fill up that Google Cal.

Because Mondays get such a universally bad rap, they’re actually the perfect day to host a weekly long lunch with some of your favorite people in the office, who will thank you for giving them something to look forward to. Throw out some invites on Sunday night, or, just put some “you-time” on your calendar to be spent brainstorming, doing research, meditating—anything you need to do to get ready for the week. Come Monday, any ensuing questions about your productivity can be answered with a shrug and a, “Mondays, am I right?”


Get your act together.

For most people, the worst part about Mondays is the introduction of an agenda after two days of relative freedom. To get ready for the week, schedule a regular appointment for Sunday evening, something that you’ll feel really guilty about canceling, like doing volunteer work, going to a Toastmasters or book club meeting, or taking a class at the gym. Having that one part of your weekend anchored down will keep you from having a full-blown Jumanji-esque, “What year is it?!” moment when your alarm goes off on Monday morning.


Try something new!

Sure, most of us would hesitate to name Monday as our favorite day of the week. But if you actually spend your Sundays dreading the week ahead, or if you shudder in fear at the mention of “Mondays,” it might be symptomatic of a bigger problem, one that unfortunately cannot be cured by visits to an art museum. If you deeply and truly hate Mondays, you probably aren’t working at a job that you love…that, or you’re an orange cartoon cat.

Assuming it’s the former, go check out our book Roadmap and spend your Sunday evening reading about how to pivot into something more fulfilling—a career that will actually make you excited about your Mondays.


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