Meet the Design Roadtrippers!

April 14, 2014

Hey blogosphere!


We are so, so pumped to introduce you to our newest team of Roadtrippers for the Design Roadtrip 2014: Sofaya, Martha, and Ben. These three will be traveling across the country this summer in our Green RV, interviewing leading design innovators all along the way. This will be our 13th summer hitting the road, and we can’t wait!  Fun fact: Sofaya, Martha, and Ben will be our 73rd, 74th, 75th Green RV Roadtrippers. What!? Crazy.



Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more in-depth info about our new Roadtrippers…including the hard-hitting & important stuff, like what their fave road trip snack is.


In the meantime, here’s a tiny introduction to our newest team:


Sofaya Philémon

22, Graduating Senior at Rhode Island School of Design, Industrial Design Major


Sofaya’s parents are immigrants from Haiti, and she’s feeling pressured by her family to choose a “safe” path that will ensure a lucrative career. She has interests in many aspects of design, but facing graduation and her pending transition into the “real world,” she’s questioning exactly which direction in her field to take.


Martha Snow

22, Graduating Senior at Skidmore College, American Studies Major


Martha comes from a family of designers. Her father is a video game designer, and her mother is an architect. With a wide variety of interests, she ultimately chose a broad major in order to keep her options open. But now, with graduation on the horizon, she says “everything in my life in uncertain.”


Ben Sienko

24, Graduate of University of Rhode Island, Marketing Major


Ben feeds off creativity with interests ranging from marketing and branding, to surfing, and writing original music. Born and raised in Rhode Island, he’s craving exposure to all the opportunities outside of the small borders he was raised within.

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