From Roadtripper to Roadie!

September 21, 2012

Megan, Jackie, and Zachariah


Hi All! Megan Doyle here. This past summer, I was a Roadtripper on the Green RV, and I got the chance to interview 31 incredible individuals all across the United States.


Each Leader we interviewed has created a life based on a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In each interview, I told these relative strangers what scares me, confuses me, excites me– with candor typically reserved for my private journal. I asked that they, too, share a piece of themselves, detailing their own moments of apprehension, failure, epiphany, and accomplishment. From the nuclear engineer in Phoenix to the outdoor educator in Santa Cruz, the radio host in New York City to the software developer in Chicago, each has given me invaluable new ideas to consider about creating a life for myself.

This summer was truly incredible–so incredible that I am hitting the Road again! This time, I’ll be traveling the country on the Green RV as a Roadie for the Fall Tour.  My team and I will be visiting college campuses to talk with students about my summer with Roadtrip Nation, and encourage them to apply for their own Roadtrip!  While I’m excited to share my experience with students who want to define their own Roads in life, I’m even more excited to talk with students about their passions, their education, and their goals in life. (I’m also super excited for hiking in Colorado, eating deep-dish pizza in Chicago, catching a concert in Austin, and subsisting on shredded wheat and popsicles.) I will be tweeting from the Road, so be sure to follow our adventures here.


Hope to see you at the Green RV!

Cheers from the Road,

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