On the Road Faves

July 25, 2014

The Design Roadtrip team is almost done with their whirlwind adventure! They’ve traveled from coast to coast, collecting advice from some of the nation’s most ground-breaking makers, and are now finishing up their last few interviews in NYC. As the trip winds down, we asked each of the road-trippers to reflect on their most memorable moments from the road. Check out some of their favorite eats, landmarks, and unforgettable experiences from the trip.




My favorite food stop on the trip so far has been trying crawfish boil in New Orleans – the somewhat barbaric act of consuming a heaping plate of shellfish by ripping them apart and sucking out the spicy juices was fun! We had to have a local show us how because we were all doing it wrong at first…


And my favorite (non-interview related) experience has to be swimming at Hamilton Pool right outside of Austin. It is an incredible natural amphitheater/cave and is its own independent ecosystem (with snapping turtles and catfish, to boot!) We were all deeply enchanted and had trouble leaving.





My favorite food was Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago. I’m a big fan of pizza, and Chicago took it to another level! SO GOOD!


Although the entire trip as a whole has been perspective-altering, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. Early into the trip we took the RV up through Big Sur in California. Seeing that rugged and wild coastline was probably my favorite experience thus far.





The best meal I had on this trip was barbeque… but it wasn’t in Texas. It was in Detroit, at a place called Slows. We all made a pact to eat everything on our plate.


My favorite experience was glass blowing. The annealer was a 9,000-degree container and that was the coolest of the three.


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