Roadtrip Nation Crew Hidden Talents

Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody!


Hope you’re all doing well! Ray here, and I want to introduce you to a pretty sweet, new blog series, which will not only let you get to know more of our Roadtrip Nation family, but also their hidden talents. We are so passionate about the work we are doing and lucky that we work at a company that supports the pursuit of other passions, too!

The Colourist


Today, I want to introduce you to the hidden talents of none other than our series director, Maya Tuttle.


When Maya isn’t busy directing our documentary series, she just happens to be a badass drummer for the band The Colourist. I’ve witnessed her skills firsthand, and as much as Maya will downplay them, don’t believe her! She is majorly talented: she plays the xylophone and carries a sweet, sweet tune when she sings. But enough of me telling you, let me let you experience and listen to it firsthand!



You can check out The Colourist and some of Maya’s music here:




If you are all about music here are some Roadtrip Nation interviews we have done with Leaders who are passionate about music:





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