Weekend Mix: Sending Our Crew on the Road!


Our filmers Dan and Willie said their goodbyes this morning! They are heading out in the Green RV to get to the East Coast next week to meet up with our new team of Roadtrippers!


So this Weekend Mix is dedicated to Dan and Willie who are heading out on a giant seven-week adventure across the country! They have very important roles—not only do they act as the filmers on the trip, but they also serve as mentors for our Roadtrippers; and I couldn’t think of two people more suited to lead this new team out on the Road than these two guys! (Or, as they say back home in Australia, “total heroes.”)


We all know back here at HQ that they will capture some incredible stories out there this summer! Good luck guys!





Footage of the teams Dan and Willie caught on camera two summers ago!


Willies team from Season Seven: Poor, Lazy, Overachievers:




Dan’s team from Season Seven: Tabula Rasa




Send your well wishes via Twitter to the team on the Road @greenrv!





Have a great weekend everyone! And look out for the Green RV! Coming through a highway near you!




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