10 Fall Fixes to Up Your Social Media Game

November 5, 2015

Ahh, Novemberthe leaves are changing, the weather’s getting colder, the Starbucks #redcup Instagram posts are out in full force. People are making some big lifestyle changes ahead of the holidays, and not just in terms of switching from pumpkin to peppermint.

By now, you’ve probably read 1,000 articles about Essena O’Neill, the Instagram model who recently “quit” social media and put all of its icky fakeness on blast. Whether you think she did it to be an awesome role model for young women, or just as savvy marketing move to plug her next project, you have to give the girl propsshe made a huge change while still staying on her PR grind.

So before we get into those nitty-gritty New Year’s Resolutions, you can totally start small by taking a hint from O’Neill and reworking your preferred social media game ahead of the holiday season.

  1. Twitter
    • Problem: You’re constantly on edge. There’s always some sort of drama going down on the timeline and it’s hard not to let those Twitter fingers flutter in full force.
    • Resolution: You know how your mom used to always tell you to write out all of your problems in a letter and then just not send it? Well, she was rightnext time you feel a Meek Mill/Drake-sized beef brewing, relieve your stress by writing out a bunch of frustrated subtweets and just leave them in your drafts. It’ll feel good just knowing they’re in there, trust us.


  2. Instagram:
    • Problem: You know it’s only cool to use #blessed sarcastically now…but sometimes you really do feel kind of #blessed!
    • Resolution: Hey, no better time than Thanksgiving to point out everything you’ve accomplished this year. Throw that hashtag on there! But make sure you’re taking credit where your credit is due, not just writing off your awesome experiences as blessings from the Instagods.


  3. Snapchat:
    • Problem: You don’t understand how all of your friends have the self-confidence to send those really, really bad selfies.
    • Resolution: Wait, what?! Go make the ugliest face you’ve ever made and send it to your friend right now. RIGHT NOW. SO FREEING.


  4. Tinder/Hinge/Bumble:
    • Problem: You’re going to be tempted to ramp up your right-swipes to get your family off of your back (and also because of the stupid scientific phenomena known as “cuffing season”).   
    • Resolution: Nothing wrong with finding someone to go ice skating with you! Just make sure you’re hyper-aware of whether or not your standards have been lowered by your grandmother’s incessant nagging.


  5. Tumblr:
    • Problem: You’d like to think that your public persona has everyone on the bus thinking that you’re listening to Father John Misty or vintage Nas in those headphones, but embarrassingly, it’s actually almost always One Direction.
    • Resolution: Treat yo’self to that dumb concert you’ve been secretly wanting to go to. Go public with your love of Harry Styles!!!


  6. Pinterest:
    • Problem: You feel like after last year’s melted crayon portrait debacle, everyone’s praying that you don’t pull their name in the holiday gift exchange.
    • Resolution: Budgeting out your holiday spending with this cute printable will satisfy your crafty side, leaving you free to spring for a good ol’ Target gift card.


  7. Skype:
    • Problem: You feel corporate as heck. You can’t stop telling people to “ping” you. Sometimes you dream about your old Blackberry or PalmPilot.
    • Resolution: Just go all the way with it. Sew some shoulder pads into your shirts so you look good onscreen and keep doing you.


  8. LinkedIn:
    • Problem: You’re even more corporate than the Skype crew, and you’ve become addicted to making connections and getting endorsements. Gotta maintain that résumé, right?
    • Resolution: Reflect on whether or not those endorsements of your “Photoshop skills” are truly making you more confident, then write an article about it and publish it on….LinkedIn, where else?


  9. Facebook:
    • Problem: You’re constantly in that state of, “I just read a great article!” and you need to share your opinions about it ASAP.
    • Resolution: Consider unplugging for a little bit this winter. The human heart can only handle so much #content.


  10. Slack:
    • Problem: You’re finding it hard to get your work done because WHO KNEW THERE WERE SO MANY GOOD SLOTH GIFS?
    • Resolution: We were trying to think of a solution for this one, but OMG, HAVE YOU TRIED /giphy pizza cat????!


  • grace

    This was both hilarious and painfully accurate. People nowadays will probably take your advice in the hopes of gaining some sort of social media praise. Gotta do what you gotta do #killit.

    November 18th, 2015 19:56

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